What Are My Options if I Lose A Tooth?

There are several reasons why a person may lose a tooth such as an accident, old age, gum disease, a genetic condition, tooth decay, and such. Once a tooth is lost, it leaves behind a gap that needs to be filled. Irrespective of the reason behind the loss of the teeth, it needs to be replaced to ensure that the overall appearance of your mouth and in some cases the face, remains the same.

Some of the restorative dental treatments available to replace your lost tooth include the following.

  • Dental implants: They are the ideal replacement for a lost tooth as they feel and act as a natural tooth. They do not alter the surrounding tooth or teeth during the treatment and is a great way to replace one or more teeth.
  • Bridges: It is an option only when there are teeth on either side of the missing tooth or teeth. This method alters the surrounding teeth and is suitable for more than one tooth if there is enough support only.
  • Dentures: They are of two types, namely the following.
    • Removable partial denture: They are used to replace one or more teeth and need a metal clasp to help them stay in the mouth. They are the most economical replacement for a missing tooth with only one disadvantage. The clasp can sometimes be visible, and the denture moves a little while eating or speaking.
    • Flipper: They are temporary dentures and a short-term solution to a missing tooth. They are mostly used before implants or bridges are placed by your Orthodontic

You can also decide not to take any measures. But most dentists suggest against it as there is a possibility that a lost tooth can cause other dental hygiene problems.

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