A root canal is an important and common dental surgery procedure. Like any other surgical procedure, there are numerous do’s and don’t one needs to take care of. Here are some crucial dental care post-operative tips that you need to keep in mind without fail.

Do take it easy

Make sure not to put any undue stress on your teeth. To reduce swelling, use an ice pack. If the swelling and pain persists or is unbearable, contact your dentist immediately. Also, avoid opening any cans or packets with your mouth or similar activities. Sleep well, and stay off your feet as much as possible.

Do maintain dental hygiene

Gently brush your teeth regularly and maintain proper hygiene. You wouldn’t want it to get infected because of poor hygiene. However, take extra care when flossing. Do not do it forcibly around the area where the root canal has been done.

Do not eat hot, hard, or crunchy food items

Your teeth, especially the one that’s undergone a root canal, is incredibly sensitive after the dental surgery. To ensure that no complications arise and the healing takes place well, avoid hot, hard, and crunchy food items.

It’s also wise to chew on the opposite side of your mouth. Choose to eat soft food items that are gentle such as soup, stewed vegetables, etc.

Do not skip out on medicines and follow-ups

Your dentist would prepare a follow-up chart for you, as well as prescribe your antibiotics, supplements, and pain killers. Ensure that you visit your dentist for follow-up appointments without fail and take all your prescribed medicines timely.

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