How to Manage a Fear of Dental Treatments

It is normal and pretty common to feel emotional anxiety before a trip to the dentist’s office. Sometimes, the fear can be pretty overpowering and may forbid you from showing up. Use these tips to shake off the jitters and feel relaxed at a dental practice.

Visualize the outcome of your orthodontic treatment

Focus on the results of your treatment and how it will make your life better in its own small or significant way. Close your eyes and create a visual picture of the outcome, and use affirmations to support your visualization.

Have an initial consultation with your dentist

Speak with the dentist before starting treatment. Express what’s on your mind, get a full idea about the treatment, and understand what to expect during a visit. If you’ve previously had a suboptimal treatment experience, share your concerns so the dentist can make you feel more comfortable and relaxed during treatment.

Choose a good dental practice

A San Marcos dentist with many good patient reviews is preferable to one with low ratings or no reviews despite being in business for many years. The confidence that you will be looked after by an empathetic professional will calm your nerves and may even make you look forward to follow-up visits.

Don’t get there too early

The medical and healing process begins in the waiting room. If you’re nervous about your dental visit, arrive 10 minutes before your appointment. It will prevent your nerves from acting up and alleviate the anxiety you feel in anticipation of dental treatment.

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