How Flossing Can Save You From Losing Your Teeth

Dental hygiene is essential for full-body wellbeing. One of the essential dental care practices that you absolutely must include in your daily regimen is flossing.

Did you know that flossing can protect your teeth’s health and integrity? Here’s how:

  • It can get rid of food build-up

Uneaten food can get stuck in the gaps between your teeth. If not cleaned, this food can lead to the infestation of harmful bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria can spread rot to the roots of your teeth, which may ultimately lead to tooth fall.

Flossing is a great way to get rid of such food debris from your teeth. The best thing about flossing is that dental floss can reach even the deepest recesses of your mouth, which even your toothbrush cannot.

In addition to this, flossing can also prevent bad breath, which is released when mouth bacteria start to break-down undigested food.

  • It can prevent tartar

Plaque on the surface of your teeth can become tartar, if not removed. Flossing regularly prevents the build-up of plaque and thereby prevents tartar. Dentists actively recommend flossing to people who have extensive plaque, as this helps keep the teeth healthy, clean, and white and prevent tooth loss.

  • It can keep your gums healthy

In addition to plaque and tartar, mouth bacteria can also cause gingivitis, which is a condition of the gums. In extreme cases, gingivitis may lead to periodontitis, where patients may require specialized orthodontic or restorative dental surgery, to get back their beautiful teeth.

Daily flossing can prevent both gingivitis and periodontitis and help you retain your pearly whites.

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