How Does an Abrasive Brush Cause Damage to Your Teeth?

Can brushing your teeth damage your teeth? We often hear from dentists that it is ideal for brushing twice a day. Brushing regularly is vital for the health and wellness of the teeth and the surrounding gums. But did you know that overbrushing can cause long term damage to your teeth?


A good dental regime that keeps up with dental hygiene includes brushing twice a day but using a brush that has soft bristles. People who use a medium to hard-bristled toothbrushes are more prone to tooth damage than others. Several factors affect a person’s dental health that includes genetic disposition, teeth clenching or grinding, teeth straightening using braces. These factors, along with brushing using an abrasive brush, can cause more severe problems that may require dental surgery as well.


Why do people use a toothbrush with bristles that are medium to hard, and brush vigorously? It is a misconception that brushing forcefully removes plaque. But did you know that you need thoroughness and not aggressiveness to remove plaque? Plaque is very soft and can be removed very easily by following good dental hygiene.


Using an abrasive brush and brushing vigorously can damage the enamel of the tooth. It can also push back the gums and expose the sensitive root area, which can lead to several dental problems such as cavities on the roots of the tooth, periodontal disease, and tooth sensitivity, among others. Under such circumstances, it becomes necessary to visit a Restorative Dental clinic for your dental care.

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