How Can Root Canal Surgery Save Your Tooth?

Root canal surgery is required when the roots of a tooth are inflamed or infected. It is performed by an endodontist – who, in the simplest terms – specializes in saving teeth.

A tooth has a crown above the gum and roots below. It has a hard layer called dentin and soft tissue of blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues called pulp. The pulp is present from the crown to the tip of the roots and lies within the root canal, a term describing the natural cavity within the tooth’s center. Any damage to the pulp causes bacteria to multiply and pus or infection to form.

The symptoms of a root canal infection manifest in easily observable ways: pain while chewing or biting, swollen gums, sensitivity to hot or cold food that lingers long after consuming them, and a cracked or chipped tooth.

Root canal treatment is an effective procedure to save the affected tooth. If your dentist in San Marco, California is not qualified to perform a root canal, he/she will refer you to an endodontist.

Treatment is straightforward: the endodontist removes the infected/inflamed pulp, cleans and disinfects, and shapes the root canal, followed by filling and sealing the space. The procedure is painless and comfortable for most patients.

Note that sealing only protects the integrity of the root canal work – you will need permanent dental restoration to return your tooth to its full health. After the root canal, your dentist will place a crown to strengthen your tooth and prevent a fracture.

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