Everything You Need To Know About Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are restorative dental products that can help you repair a damaged tooth. When your tooth is decayed or damaged in any way, trained dentists can remove the affected tooth material and replace it with a filling so that the original shape, as well as functionality, are restored.

Most commonly, fillings are used in dental practice to fill cavities. However, they may also be used for other kinds of harm to your teeth, such as a broken, chipped, or cracked tooth.

There are different types of dental fillings available. Your dentist or restorative dental specialist will help you decide which type is the best option for you based on your unique condition.

Amalgam fillings

 These are made by combining several metallic elements and are among the most common fillings used by dentists in San Marcos, California. They are also one of the most cost-effective options. Since they are incredibly strong and durable, they are commonly employed as fillings in teeth used for chewing, like the molars.

Composite fillings

Also known as filled resins, these are typically used for teeth that are easily visible. This is because they can be made to match your natural tooth color. They usually last for about five to ten years.

Gold fillings

Gold fillings are among the most durable and can last for up to a whopping 20 years. However, a natural appearance isn’t possible as the dental filling will be gold in color.

Porcelain fillings  

Porcelain fillings are bonded to your tooth and can be made to match the original color of your tooth. They are also stain-resistant.

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