Dental Office Blood Pressure Screening San Marcos, CA

Complete health dentists understand the oral-systemic link and implement it throughout their practice. Accordingly, they conduct a blood pressure screening during every dental visit to ensure the body is ready for treatment. A blood pressure test can reveal much about the patient’s health and well-being and may even determine whether they will undergo a dental procedure or not.

During the initial consultation appointment, a standard procedure typically involves a blood pressure check, a thorough examination of the mouth and body, a medical history review, and X-rays. By checking blood pressure every visit, we can help determine any lifestyle changes that may have a negative impact on one’s health. Patient inclusion is of high priority, and we will discuss what a patient’s screening means and how treatments will progress thereafter.

Information on dental blood pressure screenings is available at North Coast Dental Implants & Cosmetics in San Marcos and the surrounding area. We can discuss the importance of checking blood pressure and how it affects your overall health. Call us at (760) 705-3407 to schedule a consultation appointment to go over how the screening may affect your dental treatment.

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