Orthodontic Treatment: Myth versus Fact

Avoid letting common myths around orthodontic treatment get in the way of a confident smile.

San Marco, California dentists provide customized treatments aligned to individual requirements and dental status. You have no reason to feel apprehensive, and should ignore these common myths that tend to float around quite a bit:

  1. Adults are too old for braces

According to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), one in five orthodontic patients is over the age of 18. Even though childhood is the ideal time to align teeth with braces, cosmetic corrections can be addressed in adulthood too.

As bone growth stops once we have reached adult stages of development, structural orthodontic changes may not be achieved without some surgical intervention. If you have signs of or have previously had periodontal disease, you may need to consult a periodontist, apart from your orthodontist and general dentist.

  1. You have to make time for frequent appointments

Once you begin orthodontic treatment, the average time between visits is usually 6-8 weeks. At the beginning of the treatment, you may need to visit your San Marcos orthodontist more frequently. Depending on the type and stage of treatment, you may go as long as 10-12 weeks between appointments.

  1. Orthodontic treatment is not financially viable for many

Prompt dental care from a professional prevents complications and high costs down the years. You pay not only for the materials, brackets and wires, but also multiple assessments and adjustments over a course of weeks, months or even years.

If your existing insurance plan does not include orthodontic treatment, you could consider buying supplemental orthodontic insurance. Also check if the dental practice offers in-house, zero-interest financing or third-party financing.

  1. You don’t need it unless you want a great smile!

We can’t emphasize it enough: orthodontic treatment is not only about cosmetic enhancement, but also an improvement in the health of your mouth. Your orthodontist can help you chew, bite and speak better. As an example, misaligned teeth interfere with proper chewing of food, and slow down your body’s digestive process.

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