How Does Teeth Whitening Work

Bright and white teeth make your smile healthier and attractive while boosting your confidence.  Tooth discoloration, however, can be a deterrent for flashing your pearlies.

What causes stains on teeth?

Surface level tooth stains are caused by dark-colored foods or drinks such as red wine, coffee, tea, and cola. The pigments in these foods build up on the enamel that covers the teeth, causing yellowish discoloration.

Discoloration of teeth also occurs with age. With age, the outer enamel layer becomes thinner and allows the colored dentin to show through. The other reasons for tooth discoloration include tobacco use, poor oral hygiene, trauma, illnesses, and certain medications.

While over-the-counter products are available, professional teeth whitening treatments from a reputed dental practice is the best way to get long-lasting results.

How does teeth whitening work?

Dentists evaluate the extent of discoloration and the root cause of stains before recommending teeth whitening treatment. After this, the dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth to remove debris and bacteria.

In-office teeth whitening treatment is where your dentist will apply a protective gel or rubber shield on your gums and then apply bleach on your teeth.  This treatment takes anywhere between half an hour to 90 minutes.

Another option is when your dentist prepares a custom tray for you to use at home by taking impressions of your lower and upper teeth. These trays will hold the whitening gel and fit your teeth perfectly so that the gel is in contact with your teeth. You will need to use the trays every day for up to three weeks.

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