Common Dental Care Mistakes You Should Avoid

Many people take their dental health for granted until they experience the discomfort caused by pain, decay, or plaque build-up. Knowing some of the most common dental care mistakes will help you avoid them and maintain your dental health, thereby eliminating the need for costly dental surgery.

Three top dental practice mistakes to avoid

Brushing only in the morning: Many people tend to brush only in the morning to get rid of bad breath. However, at night, a lot of food debris can be stuck in-between and on your teeth. And since there isn’t much saliva production when you sleep, bacteria can feast on these particles. Bacteria love sugar in chocolates and desserts and, when not removed with a thorough cleanse, can produce lactic acid that causes plaque build-up. Dentists, therefore, recommend brushing after eating sugary foods and at night.

Brushing aggressively: Aggressive brushing can lead to erosion of the outer surface of teeth as well as gum recession. A loss of enamel ultimately gives rise to sensitivity issues. If your brush head is frazzled within a few weeks, it is a sure sign that you could be brushing too hard. Use soft bristles or an electric brush that has a pressure indicator to protect the enamel.

Not getting a dental check-up: Despite good dental care practices, there are several reasons why you should visit your dentist regularly. Many times, there could be problems such as a misalignment that you aren’t able to identify yourself. Visiting a trusted dental practitioner in San Marcos California is the best way to get expert advice on dental care, oral hygiene, restorative dental, and orthodontic procedures.

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