Best Tips to Keep Your Braces Clean

Braces are an important restorative dental tool; however, keeping them clean can be quite a hassle. They require gentle dental care and regular cleaning so that you can maintain good oral hygiene and health. Here are the best tips you should take care of to keep your braces clean.

Get the right toothbrush

First things first, you need the right toothbrush to clean your teeth and braces. Interproximal toothbrushes or electric toothbrushes are your best bet for this job. They are great at cleaning areas which standard toothbrushes can’t reach. Ask your dentist to recommend a brand.

Keep a 45 degrees angle

Make sure to clean the exterior surface of your teeth and then the interior surface. Dentists recommend keeping a 45 degrees angle with the gums. Also, for the exterior surface, begin by brushing under the braces and then above them. Another key area you need to gently swipe your brush through is between your teeth and the wire.

Clean the chewing area and your tongue

An important part of dental care is cleaning your teeth from where you chew and your tongue. Ignoring these areas can be quite problematic.

Do not forget to floss

Flossing can be tricky with braces; however, you will need to put in this extra effort. If this is too painful for you, dentists also recommend a water flosser. This instrument directly pushes a thin stream of water through your teeth and the wiring of the braces to clean them up.

Try saltwater gargles

While using mouthwash is extremely important to complete your dental care, you also need to do saltwater gargles. This helps reduce any inflammation, pain or soreness, and even keeps bad breath away.

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