3 Common Dental Hygiene Mistakes People Make

You may think you know how to take care of your teeth and mouth but think again. Dental care is something that many people in San Marcos, California get wrong. Remember that there’s more to it than simply brushing your teeth twice a day.

So to help you make better dental care choices, we discuss the three most common dental hygiene mistakes that people make.

Brushing the wrong way

You don’t need to put all that force when you brush. Gentle pressure is enough to remove dirt and bacteria from your teeth. If you brush too hard, it can lead to orthodontic problems such as receding gums and extra sensitive teeth. Also, make sure that you use a new toothbrush after every three months to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Not paying enough attention to the tongue

While you brush, you shouldn’t forget about your tongue. Many people don’t clean or scrape their tongue, which results in a build-up of bacteria, thereby leading to bad breath. This is among the most common dental hygiene mistakes. Using a tongue scraper can help in cleaning your taste buds, while also removing the bacteria.

Flossing improperly

If you aren’t flossing daily, you probably should. And if you’re already flossing, make sure that you follow the right technique. Adequate dental care is more than simply snapping your floss between your teeth. The correct way is to run the floss between each tooth in a zigzag motion, which efficiently gets rid of all the plaque that has built up in between your teeth.

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